4-year-old gets fist bump from President Obama

President Barack Obama doesn’t stop for anything while walking from the White House to board Marine One. But, it’s not normal that a little boy in goggles and superhero clothes is part of the press corps, either!

4-year-old Luca Martinez came to the South lawn with his dad, a photographer for the Associated Press, on Sunday to see the President’s helicopter up close.

Luca wore big goggles to protect his eyes during liftoff and covered his ears the entire time from the noise — except for one special moment.

When the President spotted Luca as he walked toward the helicopter, Obama came over with a big smile and gave Luca a fist bump. His dad, Pablo, is usually the one taking the pictures… but this time, he’ll probably be collecting some others to preserve the adorable moment!

Luca seemed unphased ‎by the whole experience, but said it was fun when reporters asked him about it.

Martinez says they live nearby and see Marine one fly overhead often. It was his son’s second time seeing the helicopter up close, but the first with a presidential meeting.



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