4 Year Old Ruins Babysitter's Plan To Blame Robbery on A Black Man


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If no one else will tell the truth a child will. 4 Year Old Abby Dean told the truth, saved the day and kept an innocent man from going to prison.

“Wednesday was the worst day in my life,” Abby said.

“They told us to get out of the house ’cause they wanted to steal stuff,” Abby said.

Investigators say Abby’s 17-year-old babysitter orchestrated a false home invasion, along with her 16-year-old boyfriend and another male suspect.

She’s not a good babysitter,” Abby said.

Investigators say the babysitter made up a story about two armed black men breaking into the home.

“The bad guys stole by kitty bank. They stole my iPod. They also stole my Xbox and my Wii,” Abby said.

The babysitter told investigators one of the suspects looked like the neighbor next door.

Neighbor Cody Oaks says police handcuffed him and questioned him for several hours because he fit the description of the suspect — but little Abby knew better.

“It wasn’t the right skin color,” Abby said. Abby told investigators the suspects had white skin — not black.

That’s when the babysitter’s story started to crumble, and she confessed.

“Literally in 30 seconds she changed everything that had been going on for five, six hours,” Jennifer Dean, Abby's mother said.

Abby’s neighbor Cody says he hopes that the babysitter and her accomplice learn a lesson from all of this.

“It’s kinda sad ’cause I don’t think she realizes the dangerous position she put me in,” Cody Oaks said.

The babysitter and her alleged accomplices were arrested, and could face robbery, burglary and perjury charges.



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