5-Year-Old Writes President Obama Letter In Support Of Gay Marriage And He Responded

A 5 year old little girl voiced her support for gay marriage and the president of the United States wants her to know he agrees, ABC News reports.

Dr. Fahmida Zaman posted a photo of the letter her niece Yasmeen Faruqui wrote to the President. Apparently, Yasmeen didn't want to do her homework one night and decided instead to pen a letter to President Barack Obama, telling him how she really feels about things.

"Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting," Yasmeen wrote. "Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want."

Yasmeen's letter is pretty perfect and lots of people found it adorable and incredibly awesome that such a young person gets it about marriage equality. But the letter had another big fan—President Obama himself. The Commander-in-Chief responded to Yasmeen's letter via his own Twitter account.

Yasmeen's mother said her daughter is a "very much an independent thinker." And now that she's gotten an actual response from the president (and knows that he's listening) there's no telling what she'll ask for next.


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