$500 Lottery Winnings Result In Murder-Suicide

A murder-suicide took place in Fort Worth, Texas over a lottery ticket. The ticket was reportedly worth $500. According to reports, 48-year-old Terry Martin won $500 off a scratch-off lottery ticket, leading to a spat with his girlfriend.

Martin’s girlfriend, Laurice Hampton (pictured alongside Martin), was living with him when he purchased the winning ticket. When Hampton found out of the winnings, she insisted that Martin give her half of the money. After Martin refused to do so, the two engaged in a heated argument. At some point, the argument had gotten so heated that it turned violent.

After a while of arguing, Martin finally had enough. He decided to pull out his gun and shoot his girlfriend in the chest. Once Hampton was shot, he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Hampton was still alive after Martin killed himself and was able to call 911 and report the shooting. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, she eventually died in the hospital due to the severity of the gunshot wound.

Although the two have known each other since their childhood, they have a history of being volatile with one another. This wasn’t the first time the two had gotten into a violent argument, but it was the first time it escalated to this degree. Back in 2011, Martin was arrested after assaulting Hampton. He served one day in jail as a result of the incident and was fined $214.



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