7 People Diagnosed With Rabies After Eating Dog Meat

Today a veterinarian in Zamboanga City suggested strongly to the more than 800,000 residents of that city that they refrain from eating dogmeat, after it was confirmed that seven people who had done so were diagnosed with rabies this week. Zamboanga is located in Mindanao, Philippines, and that country is one of the 11 listed on Facebook which still indulge eating dog meat. The 11 countries are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two sovereign states in Switzerland.

It has been reported here that there are a number of U.S. dog rescues that have stepped up to assist in saving and transporting dogs out of the Korean dog meat markets. Korean dog butchers would proclaim that the dogs that end up as bosintang, or the Korean soup made from dog meat, were dogs bred specifically for that purpose. However, the truth is that many purebred dogs are simply dumped by breeders when they are no longer useful. If not rescued by concerned citizens, they end up in the same pot as all the others. Hung by their hind legs by ropes till they are boiled and sliced.

Ironically, the seven people infected with rabies, five adults and two children, contracted the disease the same week that the Philippines are celebrating "Anti-Rabies Month." Before it was eaten by the infected bunch, the rabid dog reportedly bit four animals including two dogs and a cat in the area. The cat died on the spot. The two dogs had undergone euthanasia as a precautionary measure against the spread of the disease. The veterinarian who suggested that residents refrain from eating dogmeat, Dr. Mario Arriola, said the head of the infected dog had been submitted to his office for testing.

The people who are fighting to help the dogs in Korea consider that country to be "dog hell." The wording on the photo above proclaims this dog to be for sale, not for an adoptive home, but to be added as the meat for a cooking pot. The sign translates to "We Sell Dog Meat". This dog will spend it's last hours at the Moran Dog Meat Market near Seoul, Korea.

If you would like to help rescue dogs from the meat trade, please click here. If you believe you can personally help in the areas needed, please click here. Ms. Nami Kim is the woman who has been most instrumental in trying to stop the Korean dog meat trade. This summer, there is an Anti -Dog Meat Campaign in Seoul from 7/10 - 8/1/2015. If you can help, please visit Nami Kim's Facebook page and help save a dog from ending up in a cooking pot.



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