82 Year Old Man Arrested For Slashing Womans Tires After She Took His Seat At Bingo

An 82-year-old Florida man was arrested because he allegedly slashed a woman’s tires because she was sitting in his favorite bingo seat.

Fred Smith is charged with criminal mischief to a vehicle after he used an ice pick to deflate the tires on Ethel Britt’s van.

Smith apparently stormed out of a bingo game last week at the Lake Ashton Club House and punctured Britt’s tires because she was sitting in his chair.

“I didn’t think anyone would be low enough to do that to my car because I didn’t know I had any enemies in my life,” she told WTVT. “I thought everybody was my friend, but undoubtedly I have one enemy. I didn’t know it meant that much to him to do that to my tires.”

Smith could have to pay $500 to repair Britt’s tires.


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