Angry Atlanta Woman Writes Best Legal Brief Ever: F This Court!

Freedom of speech is a right extended to all Americans in most situations both spoken and written.  An Atlanta woman recently took her freedom to the courts after her case was thrown out of court.

Tamah Jada Clark was fed up with the judge in her case, Clark et al v. Porter et al. Judge Willis B. Hunt, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, had tossed out her suit regarding her son on the grounds that her husband had not signed a complaint that was supposed to represent both parents.

Upon learning of the dismissal, Clark, to use a legal term of art, lost her mind. She filed a notice to the court the text of which makes for some delightful reading.

"Firstly, Jason is my HUSBAND, as I have stated, you a*shole," begins the second paragraph of her notice to the court. "And my son is no longer an infant; he has grown into a strong, extremely intelligent and beautiful little boy. Don t you ever again in your mother*cking life attempt to disrespect me, my family, or our status again."

"Keep our names out of your unworthy mouth-you old, IMPOTENT geezer," she wrote, bolding the word "IMPOTENT" for emphasis.

"And no, Jason did not sign the complaint—so the f*ck what?" she went on. "Is that really the best argument you can come up with—after the MANY pages I have presented to this court—as to why you cannot allow the matter to progress? Lol. What a joke you are, old man."

More highlights:

"The United States of America have collectively and individually been politically and legally overthrown by foreign opportunists and domestic sellout b*tches like you." (Page 3)

"I am well aware that the court has not spoken to me because it cannot defeat my legal arguments—so it runs and cowers like a panic-stricken hoe that has stolen money from her back-handing pimp. Just for the record: you are a hoe. This court is a hoe. And I will backhand you both, should you continue to waste my time." (Page 6)

"Just know that this entire proceeding has served the purpose for which it was intended. And you played right into it, in the exact way that I intended for you to, like the dumb hoe that you are ..." (Page 6)

"Any idiot can take a look into the history of American jurisprudence through studying congressional records, U.S. Supreme Court cases, etc.—as I have done—to realize that these United States of America have been overthrown." (Page 8)



Read it all below.



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