Bag of Air From a Kanye West Concert is on Sale for $65,000 on eBay

Just when you thought things couldn’t be more ridiculous, read this!

An out of control bidding war took place on Ebay a few days ago for some air from Kanye West’s recent Yeezus concert tour — and it rose to an astonishing $60,000.

It even took Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, by surprise. She posted her thoughts on Twitter, writing, “WOW he can sell anything! Lol …”

The most shocking part is that it was posted last Sunday starting at $5.00 then the price went up because more than 90 people broke out into a bidding war. The auction was removed from the website once it reached $65,000.

The so-called “air” came from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, where the seller held out a plastic bag and quickly sealed the concert’s air, according to the eBay’s seller in the description.

However, this entrepreneur is not the only Ebay seller doing this; we found at least eight others hoping to hit the Kanye lottery, One seller has two bids and is already up to $152.

The Yeezus Tour started in Seattle, Washington October 2013 and ended a year later in Brisbane, Australia.
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