Church Members Revolt After Pastor Refuses To Step Down

Church politics get nasty over the weekend as church members in Mississippi wanted their pastor gone and he refused to leave.

Members demanded that their pastor vacate the pulpit. Some of the members contacted us saying there are serious problems with the leadership at New Galilean Baptist Church on N. Flag Chapel Road.

The leader in question is the relatively new Pastor Orlando D. Franklin. About 300 people signed this petition to remove him from the church.

That petition was going to be delivered Sunday morning, instead, Pastor Franklin along with certain deacons and trustee stayed in his office.

"And so they will send them a letter telling them that they're no longer needed in their positions or that they can find another church home," Ricky Bolden said, a church member. "And it has happened multiple times. And everyone here is just exhausted with it. And this entire process has been ridiculous."

"He silences people," church member Randall Bolden said. "If you don't agree with him then you can't talk. And somebody wanted to say something on the mic previously and there have been three instances when people have tried to talk in church and he turned off the mic. And he said you're not allowed to talk. I am the head, basically. And that's the problem that we've had."

Although Pastor Franklin declined to comment for this story, he does have supporters in the church.

"And they have been fighting this man since the beginning and it doesn't make any sense," Rhonda Andrews, church member who supports Franklin. "He is a godly man and he's not doing anything wrong. And I wish that they would stop."

"We're not trying to take over, said Glenn Robinson, a church member. "We're not trying to do anything, but when people are in leadership positions and they don't do what they're supposed to do. We just, as the body, have to take action. We don't want to be governed by the court. We have got to be governed by God."



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