Colorado BBQ Restaurant To Hold 'White Appreciation Day'

A Colorado barbecue restaurant's plan to hold a day honoring only white people, has prompted a backlash alleging racial discrimination.

Originally meant as a joke, the owners of Rubbin' Buttz BBQ hung a sign: "White Appreciation Day! June 11th. Because all Americans should be celebrated!!"

Owner Edgar Antillon, who is Hispanic, said there needed to be a white counterpart to Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. "The least we could do is offer one day to appreciate white Americans," he told CNN affiliate KUSA-TV.

News of the discount has already resulted in a lot of backlash.

Activist Ricardo Romero told KUSA-TV that the discount is wrong, adding, "If you're going to give a discount, give it to the whole community." There also may be legal issues with the discount.

But people in the community say the plan is discriminatory.

“If someone felt like they were being discriminated against, they could come to the civil rights division and file a complaint with our office, and we would investigate that,” a representative of the Colorado Department of Regulatory agencies said.

On Friday, a post by the restaurant on its Facebook page indicated it wasn't backing down from "White Appreciation Day!"

Anitllon posted: "As a Mexican, I wanted to highlight a double standard." "Although we've had overwhelming support for it, there are a few who are filled with hate and/or misunderstanding. People full of hate and negativity want your attention, don't give it to them. Stay happy!



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