Creflo Dollar Claims Pokemon Made 90's Kids Gay

Money hungry televangelist Dr. Creflo Dollar is claiming that the classic cartoon Pokemon made the children who watched it in the late 1980s and early ’90s gay.

According to a bogus non scientific non researched “study” released by the Creflo Dollar Ministry in Atlanta, the youth of the world had “their sexuality warped by Ash and his fruity friends.”

The "study" claims that many of the Pokemon from the video games and cartoon are phallic in nature, causing Poke-Masters to crave the peen.
Christ News further explains that the show is "directly oriented to pervert adolescents "showcasing "platonic love relationship" between main character Ash and Brock.

The pastor Creflo Dollar broadcasts for many years the Bible through its well-attended speech worldwide. In his speech on April 8, he urged his followers not to leave their children in contact with this series.

As you'll recall Dollar recently made claims that God wanted him to buy a $65 Million Dollar jet while those in his immediate neighborhood went hungry and homeless.  

Editor's Note: I'm Gay, grew up during the 90's and Pokemon had nothing to do with it.



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