Crystal Pepsi Coming Back Because, The Internet

It seems that everyone’s favorite clear cola from everyone’s favorite nostalgia-inducing decade will be quenching thirsts once again. Crystal Pepsi is coming back—at least if Pepsi’s cryptic messages about the once-failed soda are to be believed.

This all started when competitive eater, YouTube celebrity and Crystal Pepsi evangelist Kevin Strahle, who goes by the name LA Beast, kicked off the “bring back Crystal Pepsi” campaign with the questionable, but successful video of him throwing up Crystal Pepsi on to a painting. He eventually sold that painting for $5000 on eBay to help fund the campaign. From there the bring back Crystal Pepsi movement picked up steam flooding Pepsi’s social media pages with requests for the soda, erecting billboards and creating a petition, which, at the time of this had gained almost 35,000 signatures.

Strahle and the rest of his movement seem to have succeeded. He received a personal message from Pepsi saying he and other Crystal Pepsi fans will, “be happy with what’s in store.”


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