Deathtoll Reaches 1,100 as Heatwave Continues In India

Intense heat has killed more than 1,100 people in India within days, causing roads to melt in New Delhi as temperatures neared 122 degrees.

CNN reports the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh has seen 852 deaths in the heat wave. In the neighboring state of Telangana, another 266 people have died from the extreme temperatures.

Hospitals are on alert to treat victims of heatstroke, AFP says. Authorities advised people to stay indoors, as they are unsure when to the searing conditions will end.

P. Tulsi Rani, special commissioner for disaster management in Andhra Pradesh, says the state government has released public service announcements urging people not to go outside without a hat and to drink water, among other measures.

The heat is expected to continue for at least two more days before letting up, the meteorological department warns on Tuesday. However, the agency tells CNN that another hot spell could likely follow.

Alfred Innes, who lives in Telangana's capital of Hyderabad, says citizens have received little aid throughout the heat wave.

"I have personally witnessed the death of a three-year-old very close to where I stay and that was because of severe heat. It's very sad," he tells BBC. "The government isn't doing much, but as individuals we are trying our best."

Street vendor P. Gangamma tells AFP that the heat was making "her head pound," but she had to stay outside. The 65-year-old Hyderabad resident sells cigarettes at a high-traffic intersection.

"For the past three days hot wind has been coming in," she says. "I am a diabetes patient, but I have no husband and no sons, so I have to stay here and keep shop."


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