Eight Students Suspended Criminal Charges Pending After Cafeteria Fight Video Goes Viral

Eight Tennesee High School Students are in hot water after videos of them fighting in school turned up online.

In the videos you can see dozens of girls punching, kicking, and stomping one another. School resource officers even got into the fray in an attempt to break up the fights, which appeared to have also spilled into classrooms.

The first video posted on social media shows the fight happening in the cafeteria.

"First, I saw teachers and security scattering over each other," said 11th grader John Rork. "A couple of girls all over each other. I saw scratches, hair falling out, a lot of hair pulling. This one girl jumped off a table and pushed another student in the face."

Students who saw the brawl say it was a scary sight.

"'All these other girls started jumping off the table into the fight," said 10th grader Raejah Bratcher. "Everybody started screaming and people were on each other's backs. Everbody was just fighting, people running in, getting hit, and running out. It was crazy."

Subsequent videos show other fights happening in a couple different classrooms.

As the video continues, a person who appears to be a powerless teacher walks into the hallway as two girls fight on the floor.

Many of the videos were posted and shared on social media platforms like Twitter, where captions like "White Station always jackin' in the cafeteria," and "What is happening at White Sation omg" appeared alongside the footage.

Students and parents say they aren't really afraid because they say they stay out of arguments, but they wonder what image the high school is developing.

"It leaves a bad impression on White Station, but we're not a bad school," said one student. "We've always been in the top and this fight brings us a little bit lower."

A Shelby County Schools spokesman says eight students have been suspended and issued juvenile summons for their roles in the fight. SCS believes the fights are related to off-campus incidents in the past.


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