Family Sues Photographer After He Prints "Poor N**** Party" On Wedding Photos

An African-American couple in Houston is suing a photography company poor n word partyafter racial slurs were printed on the bottom of their pictures.

The couple hired Premiere Photography for a photo booth and attendant to be used at their 2012 wedding in hopes of adding some levity to the wedding.

Instead of making a lifetime of wonderful memories, the couple was insulted by racially offensive captions added to the photos.

“Anybody would find this caption offensive,” the couple’s attorney, Cathy Hale, told ABC 13. “I’m offended by it.”

Hale said even she was shocked when she first saw the photos.

“When this case came in the door I couldn’t believe it,” Hale told KPRC.

Hale explains that the couple rented the booth to be used at their 2012 wedding reception. It was supposed to be fun, but at one point during the reception, the booth printed a photo with the caption “Poor (n-word) Party”, which went to the bride’s sister.

“She made the wise decision not to tell her and spoil that specific day,” said Hale.

Eventually, however, she told the bride and groom about what transpired at their wedding.

“Now, every time they think about their anniversary, on their anniversary date, they’re going to be reminded of what happened,” said Hale.

Hale said when the husband called James Evans of Premiere Photography to ask how this could’ve happened, he was told “sue me”, so that’s exactly what the couple did.

“This has never been about the money. My clients did not call a lawyer as soon as they found out about this, they called Mr. Evans, and Mr. Evans did nothing,” said Hale. “It’s about righting a wrong, it’s as simple as that.”

Evans has denied any wrongdoing in court documents.

Hale says the couple trusted this company to “do the right thing” and got a “slap in the face” instead.


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