Fox News Contributor Blames Philly Amtrak Crash on Homosexuality

It's been a while since the gay community has caused devastation at the hands of Jesus just for existing. Our "Days Since A Homosexuality Smiting" sign has been reset, however, thanks to Fox News contributor Sandy Rios, who says the engineer's sexuality is partly to blame for the wreck that killed seven and injured dozens.

Rios isn't the only wingnut politicizing the deadly accident.

Wonkette has more:

Chuck C. Johnson has discovered that the Amtrak engineer, Brandon Bostian, is a “gay activist who previously worked at Target as a cashier,” which pretty much proves he was incompetent or perhaps busy being gay when the train crashed. The American Patriarchy Association’s Sandy Rios fretted that maybe the engineer lost control of the train because he was “going through some confusion that has to do with the very core of who they are,” because all that Gay just makes people mixed up in the head




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