Game of Bones: Man Beats Guy With Cooking Pot For Cheating at Dominoes

Cheaters never win, and in most cases they end up getting caught, and in those cases they get hit with pots. 

According to the Palm Beach Post:

    A friendly game of dominoes turned violent in West Palm Beach when a 71-year-old man hit a 57-year-old man in the face with a cooking pot Sunday night, according to an arrest report.

    Keith Fitzroy Campbell and the other men began yelling at each other when one of them repeatedly made an illegal move, the report said.

    The argument escalated until Campbell picked up the pot and hit the man causing him to bleed heavily from the head, the report said. Campbell told police he hit the other man before the man could hit him.

No word on how the guy who got hit with the pot is doing.


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