Georgia man’s life destroyed after he is jailed for 7 months — and then acquitted in 45 minutes

John Blue lost his kids, apartment, and property when he was accused of attacking a social worker after a car crash. A worker for the Division of Family and Children Services struck Blue’s van with her vehicle, then accused him of attacking her. That incident led to Blue spending more than half a year behind bars in the Gwinnett County Jail. The worker arrived at Blue’s home to serve a warrant over abuse allegations. According to the social worker, Blue put his sons–ages 10 and 14–inside his van and attempted to flee the scene. The social worker told police that when she tried to stop Blue with her car, he repeatedly rammed her vehicle. Blue, however, tells a very different story about how things transpired on the day in question. “She looked like she was a crackhead,” Blue told WGCL-TV. “She walked over, she beat on the window. She never identified herself. She never says nothing to me. She says, ‘You can’t go nowhere with those kids — I need to talk to them.’ I don’t know who this lady is. She looked like a junkie to me, so I told her no.” Police issued an Amber Alert for Blue, who didn’t know he was wanted since he’d taken his kids to be with their grandfather for summer vacation. Blue says after he learned he was wanted by police, he turned himself in to Norcross Police, thinking he could clear up the mistake. “That was the worst mistake I made,” Blue said. “I thought I could clear it all up. I was trying to do the right thing by the law they didn’t do nothing right by me. I end up sitting in jail and being prosecuted and nobody cared.” Blue says his sons couldn’t understand why everything wasn’t cleared up once they told the truth about what happened. “The one thing I teach my sons is, if you are telling the truth you don’t have to worry or care about nothing else — as long as you are telling the truth there is nothing bad that can happen to you,” Blue said. Blue says the caseworker lied, which is why he was acquitted. Now he says he’d like to see the social worker spend some time behind bars. “The DFCS worker lied, and DFCS knows she is lying,” Blue said. “I would like to see her go to jail for seven months, and sit in jail like I did for seven months let her lose everything in the world.” Blue is currently fighting to regain custody of his sons. The caseworker remains employed with the state.


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