Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Run on Youtube

Hilary Clinton has officially entered the 2016 Presidential Race.

In a campaign video released today, the former Secretary of State has officially declared her intention to run in 2016. The announcement confirms rumors that have been floating around for more than a year and kicks off the Democratic Party's battle for the presidential nomination.

Clinton announced her last presidential campaign in a similar way, with a video posted to her campaign site. But this presidential election, more than the previous one, really has the candidates trying to one-up each other in terms of tech savvy-ness. Just this week Clinton poached senior Google exec Stephanie Hannon to become her campaign's chief technology officer. Rand Paul announced his decision to run on YouTube and Ted Cruz did it on Twitter. Paul has also been using Meerkat to live stream his campaign events and Snapchat to "connect" with young voters.

After getting pushed out of the presidential race in 2008, Clinton is probably eager to reintroduce herself to the voting public. At this point, it's already very likely that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has said she will not run, and Vice President Joe Biden says he "hasn't made up [his] mind" yet. Clinton will travel to Iowa and New Hampshire to make her case to voters almost immediately.



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