HIV Positive Man Arrested For Allegedly Raping Two Young Girls

Anthony Allen, 27, faces 19 criminal counts, including raping two female victims who are aged 12 and 14.

According to the Associated Press, Allen knew he was HIV positive when he assaulted the girls.

One of the alleged victims told her parents after the assault last fall and last week.

Criminal charges of felonious assault were also filed against Allen for allegedly having sex with his girlfriend and not informing her that he was HIV positive.

“It’s about as disturbing a conduct as you could see, and as you know, we see many cases involving egregious, shocking criminal acts,” said O’Brien, according to 10TV. “And this has to rank up there with the most disturbing I’ve seen.”

O’Brien explained that Allen had access to the children because his girlfriend was related to one child, and the other child visited and would stay overnight at their residence from time to time.

O’Brien says he is not aware of the HIV status of the victims.

Allen was arrested on March 25 and is currently residing in the Franklin County Jail.

He currently faces life in prison if convicted.


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