Homophobic GOP Congressman OUTED By CBS Journalist

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock is rather well-known throughout the internet and media for two things: The shirtless photos of himself he posts online, and the persistent rumors that he is gay.

Having voted against the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” as well as against numerous pieces of hate crime legislation, it could be easy to assume he is just a boiler plate, anti-gay conservative. However amid an explosive allegation by a CBS reporter, many are beginning to wonder if perhaps the Congressman doth protest too much.

Itay Hod, a well-respected staff reporter for CBS news, announced today that according to trusted sources, Schock has not only been sighted showering with his male roommate, but has also been observed making the rounds at area gay bars. According to Hod, who is a gay man himself, Schock presently enjoys a rating of 0% from the Human Rights Campaign for his – now clearly hypocritical – positions on gay marriage and hate crimes.

In a Facebook post outing Schock, Hod expresses both frustration at the Republican’s hypocrisy, as well as the generally tetchy issue that outing such a hypocrite can be, writing:
“We’ve been so effective at convincing everyone that outing people is a crime against humanity, that we’ve made it impossible for any network or news organization to talk about this “hypothetical” gay republican congressman and his hypocritical vote against gay rights. they won’t touch it for fear of retribution from GLAAD or HRC. (in fact when my friend’s network interviewed said hypothetical republican, he talked about wanting to find a nice woman to marry… and the network aired it… knowing it was a lie.

The Illinois congressman has skirted claims that he was gay for many years. With an entire blog page dedicated to the “7 Gayest Aaron Schock Instagram Posts,” and substantial and sustained scrutiny placed on his human rights and gay rights voting record, it would seem questions – or rather, safe assumptions – about Schock’s hypocrisy and sexuality have become a mainstay of his political career. In 2011 Wonkette ran this piece, stating unequivocally that “Everyone Knows” Aaron Schock Is “Def. Gay”

In 2010, following a photo posted online featuring Schock in a simply fabulous teal belt – which naturally resulted in further speculation he was gay – Schock shot back over twitter, claiming to have burned the belt after having “learned his lesson.”

Though damnable for his hypocrisy, that being a stalwart anti-LGBTQ representative while himself secretly being a gay man, Schock’s position as a gay conservative cannot be an easy one. As the GOP fights with its own factions or control of the party, many elements within it are moving further to the right, leading one Democratic lawmaker to declare that “intolerance is in the Republican Party’s DNA.”

Schock may likely respond to these newest allegations of his homosexuality with another round of denials and homophobic comments, but some news analysts and critics remain hopeful that once he realizes that the world is okay with him being gay, it’ll be time for him to accept and appreciate it on his own. Because who knows? Maybe it’ll be liberating for him.


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