A Kid Told This Guy He Was Too Old To Watch The Power Rangers Movie, His Response Is Hilarious

Well we weren't expecting that and we're sure the little boy wasn't either! Christerris Oliver says he was in line to buy his movie ticket to see power rangers when a little boy told him he was too old to watch the movie.  In a post that has since went viral, Oliver described the experience.

So I'm minding my business being a mature 25 year old man getting my Power Ranger✨ movie ticket when this lil white boy says to me "your too old for this movie, it's for kids" WHY HE SAID DAT?!!! Being a humble man of God I waited GOOD until his mama went up to pay for their tickets, I nicely leant down to his level & said ". . . Lil boy. . . I'm the man from the orphanage I'm only here because your mom said this is the last movie y'all get to see before she gives you up for adoption, she said your dad has been cheating on her with another man & he doesn't love you at all, your stuff is packed in my car, don't worry your lil undeys & lucky rock are packed too.. I'm keeping the rock *sigh* she said it's for the best, she can't be your mom anymore, she said fuck you basically" he was like **eyes tearing up** "No...No..she wouldn't"
(My ass) "SHHIIIDDDD! Got news for you fuck-weed, she WOULD & she HAS,see if you woulda been old like me you coulda got you an apartment or sumin but you just a lil fuck ass kid awwww yo lil poor adopted ass" #90sBabyBitchhhhh


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