LisaRaye: Black Women Would Never Be Able To Parlay A Sex Tape Into A Career

LisaRaye kept it too real for the people in regards to what Black female celebrities can get away with versus White female celebrities. The "Single Ladies" star recently stopped by 97.9’s The Box, and she didn’t hold her tongue.

As she was discussing her love for the celebrities who are unapologetically themselves, she told the truth about “us vs. them” (read: Black folks vs. White folks) in Hollywood.

“You know, we got different sides,” LisaRaye said. “Them and us. When it’s them, they can do whatever they want to do. And it’s like you can date five or six guys.”

LisaRaye went on to make a comparison about how Black female celebrities would never be able to date as many men as Taylor Swift has without it ruining their career. She added that no Black woman could parlay a sex tape into millions such as Kim Kardashian.

“Like, you have Taylor Swift. We know she has went through a lot of people at her young age,” LisaRaye said. “She sings about it all the time. Let that be a Black girl and that’s a problem.”

“Let somebody do a sex tape that’s a Black girl and her career is ruined. She’s not going to parlay it into fashion, into stores, into reality shows and marriage,” she explained, referring to Kardashian.

LisaRaye explained that Black women in the industry have to brand themselves differently.



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