Man Arrested After Returning to Crime Scene in Black-Face

A California man spray-painted his face black in an attempt to hide from police.

Jose Espinoza, 23, was arrested by police in Madera, CA despite his rather unusual attempt to disguise himself.

After realizing that police were seeking to arrest him for driving a stolen vehicle that he left parked closely to his home, Espinoza successfully fled his home and avoided police.

But Espinoza made a decision to later return to the scene of the crime where police were still on the lookout for him.  When he returned, he spray-painted his face black to try to camouflage himself and make a second getaway.  Police say that he was immediately spotted because he tried to flee the scene against a “white wall.”

Police took Espinoza into custody and charged him with theft of an automobile.  He is being held on a $35,000 bond.

Note to Jose:  The next time you’re running from the cops, spray your face white.  That may help aide you in your escape.  Spray-painting your face black is the equivalent of spray-painting a target on your face.  Didn’t you know that black is the color that police see first?


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