Man Claims Gun Range Uses A Photo Of Black Teenager As The Target

Javell Woods alleged when he entered the Shooters of Columbus in Columbus, Georgia he was greeted with a target of a black teenager holding a gun.

He posted a photo of the target to Facebook on July 13 with the caption,

So I go to the range yesterday and this Is the pic they had for target practice…. I ask if he had any teenage white males I could practice shooting at and he told me I was a racist.

The photo was shared over 57,000 times.

In the comments section, Woods also claims the only other available target featured “an Arab with a long bear[d] and head covered.”

Another man, Robert ‘Mcgee’ Williams, alleged a different gun range, Mainstreet Guns & Range in Lilburn, Georgia, uses the same target.

He posted a photo of it to Facebook on July 9 — a few days before Woods — with the caption,

    Just left the gun range n I’m disgusted. This is what they practice on.

The target apparently bears the insignia of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).


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