Man Files For Divorce After Finding Out Wife Still Wets The Bed

Takesure Banda wedded his wife, Primrose Sakupwanya in October last year.

Last week Banda complained to his in-laws that his wife’s bed-wetting problem had turned his life into hell.

Banda who spent $10 000 for a colourful wedding ceremony is in the process of amicably dissolving his marriage to Sakupwanya to save himself from further embarrassment.

Banda told this publication that he discovered that his wife had a bed-wetting problem during their honeymoon last year.

“I discovered that my wife had a problem of bed-wetting in Victoria Falls where we paid more money for messing up their blankets and sheets.”

Banda said his wife promised him that her condition was under control but was later surprised to discover that she was a habitual bed-wetter.

“I was shocked to discover that my wife had a bed-wetting problem as everyday she woke up from a pool of her own urine.”

The man complained that he used close to $7 000 in trying to find a remedy for his wife’s ailment but has not been met with success.

“I have travelled all over Zimbabwe in search of a solution that would end my wife’s condition but I have not been lucky so far. I have sought advice from programmes such as Chakapfukidza dzimba matenga and Inhlupho zalamuhla on Radio Zimbabwe but have not come up with a good solution.”

Banda said he was trapped between a rock and hard surface as divorcing his wife was against his Christian belief.

“We got married last year in October under the Chapter 5:11 and cannot wantonly quit from marriage.”

He however, vowed to stay away from his wife until her condition had changed.

“I am displeased with Primrose because she tricked me. She never told me she had a bed-wetting problem. She used to wear a strong perfume to conceal bad odour.”

In an interview, the woman said that she and her husband were living like brother and sister as Banda was no longer attracted to her.

“The problem I am facing is that I am sexually deprived by my husband who complains about my bad odour. We no longer sleep in the same bed and this has destroyed any chances of straightening out things.”

She revealed that the Banda and Sakupwanya families engaged in talks aimed at straightening things but unanimously decided to send her back to her parents first.

“Right now my family has asked me to return to Harare where my parents reside until further notice,” she said.

Sakupwanya said she did not know what to do as her condition grew worse every time she sought medical assistance.

“I have gone to prophets, churches and traditional healers requesting a remedy for my condition but have not been successful yet. I am appealing to anyone who can assist me to chip in and save my marriage.”

A member of the family, Titus Banda said that the two families had decided to send Sakupwanya to her parents in Harare as they were organising a cleansing ceremony


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