Man Robs Two Women For Their Tax Refund Checks

Tax season usually isn't amoung the times of year where you don't feel safe.  However now it seems people are being robbed for their refunds.

From WREG:

Police have arrested one of three men who they say robbed two women of their tax refund check in Hickory Hill and pointed a gun at their 7-year-old daughter.

Police arrested Andrew Holmes and charged him with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery.

But two more men are still on the loose, and the women tell WREG that is still giving their daughters nightmares.

“Some days she wakes up hollering and screaming,” one woman said. Neither of the two women wanted to show their faces on camera. They said they still do not know what to do to ease their 7-year-old daughter’s fears after a man pointed a gun at her head.

Almost two months ago, the couple got a $4,000 tax refund check and went to Walmart with their two young daughters to buy a television.

Police said three men followed them from the store, back to their home and ambushed them.

“Before we even could do anything, the man came and said, ‘Give me what you’ve got,’ and my 7-year-old was right there,” the woman said. “He said, ‘Go to the back, b—-!'”

Police arrested Holmes and are looking for another man, Dariel Greenwood.

They said the men stole the television and the $4,000 in cash, money the women were counting on to pay bills and get a used car.

Right now, one of the women walks two miles to and from work everyday.

But she said that pales in comparison to the trauma her daughter’s faced.

“On November 4, she was hit by a car,” she said, with tears in her eyes. “She broke her femur bone. She’s got screws and rods in her leg… And now this gun incident… Too much for any child, but I still have to do my part as a mom.”



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