Man Throws Girlfriends Body Down Well Contaminating Area Water Supply


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Something strange in the water indeed.

From NYDailyNews:

A strange taste and odor coming from a South Carolina neighborhood's water supply led to the discovery of bleach, mothballs and a decomposing woman's body inside of their well, authorities said.

Patricia Ann Freeman, 57, hadn't been seen publicly since early September when her body was recovered from the pit outside her boyfriend's Anderson County home Saturday, the county's coroner said.

The property owner, Perry Thomas Pruitt, 54, had locked the well shut just days earlier when neighbors, concerned over the water's quality, asked him to have it tested, Coroner Greg Shore told the Daily News.

"He told them they wouldn't be able to do that and he cut the water off," Shore said.

When deputies came by searching for Freeman following a Feb. 6 missing person's report, filed by her brother, neighbors consequently tipped them off to the well, authorities said.


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