Man Wrongly Jailed For 39 Years Becomes Instant Millionaire

An Ohio Court of Claims judge Thursday awarded Ricky Jackson $1 million for wrongful imprisonment upon his release after 39 years of imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit, reports.

Jackson, 58, was exonerated in the 1975 murder of Harold Franks outside a convenience store when Eddie Vernon, who was 12-years-old and the killing’s only witness, recanted his testimony nearly 4o years later.

Vernon said he saw the killing but was actually in a school bus with other kids a block away. Jackson has since met with Jackson and forgiven him. He harbors no hard feelings and is just thankful Vernon was brave enough to recant.

Jackson is expected to receive an additional million dollars as well as substantial compensation for attorney’s fees and wages he could have earned had he been out of prison. His lawyer told it is too early to give an estimate.


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