Meet 11 Year Old Asia Newson: Detroit's Youngest Entrepreneur

Asia Newson has been called Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur. Alt-mag Never Say Die, recently conducted a series of interviews that offer a new perspective on women and creativity.  Newson was one of those Never Say Never interviewed.

Newson, who started her business at the age of five when she and her father would make candles, isn’t in business just for herself. She wants to empower other young women.

“People said I should be a public speaker but I switched it around, and I wanted to teach other children how to negotiate, how to sell stuff, how to talk proper so we can do things to be successful. So I really started the business to help children,” Newsom told Never Say Never.

Every Saturday she goes out to sell her handmade candles. And she goes out with a sales goal each time. One Saturday she wanted to make $250.

According to her website, Newson has big dreams. She would one day like to open up a shop in Downtown Detroit, become the cities “Youth Mayor” and attend Michigan State University.

For naysayers who say young women can’t run a business, Newson has a fast answer. “I can do anything I put my mind to as a young lady, because I think that ladies and girls have more power than men. Women rule the world. Without ladies the would not be right. No one can tell me what girls can’t do.”


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