Naked Woman Breaks Into Chris Brown’s House and Cooks Dinner


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A naked woman broke into Chris Brown ‘s house.

TMZ Reports that a random woman invited herself into Brown’s home, got completely naked and waited for the singer in his bed. Not only that she reportedly spray painted “I Love You” on the kitchen counter and vandalized Chris’ silver Rolls-Royce plus his black Range Rover by spray painting “Mrs. Brown” on them.

CB and his security team arrived to the house from their Las Vegas trip at 9 p.m. last night (May 6) when they found women’s clothing in the foyer.

After his team investigated the house, they found the woman and quickly called the police. She was arrested and charged with felony burglary and felony vandalism. Police believe she was there for a while, finding plates in the sink.

So many questions pop up. How did she get past the security system? Is she a secret spy? Who knows. Chris took to Instagram to give more details about the incident and share a picture of the intruder (see below).



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