National Bar Association wants Black Officer in Walter Scott shooting video fired, arrested

The National Bar Association, made up of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges, is calling for the immediate arrest and indictment of North Charleston police officer Clarence Habersham, the second officer shown in the Walter Scott shooting video.

According to a statement the organization released Friday, members are also demanding Habersham and any other North Charleston police officer who allegedly filed a false police report be terminated.

The organization claims Habersham “deliberately left material facts out of his report” after officer Michael Slager shot and killed Scott, and made false statements about the incident.

Slager has been charged with murder in the shooting. He is being held at the Charleston County jail.

Habersham’s two-line supplement to the incident report says very little, except that he applied pressure to the gunshot wounds “and directed the best route for EMS and fire to take to get to the victim faster.” When other officers arrived, they noted in their supplemental reports, Habersham was administering first aid.

Habersham is in his late 30s. He has been a North Charleston officer since 2007.


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