Nigerian Artist Says Beyonce Stole Her Derrick Rose Outfit Idea

Beyonce's being called out for stealing again and this time its an outfit.

After Nicki Minaj debuted her video for "Feelling Myself" which features Beyonce, a Nigerian music artist named Titi LoKei said  Bey stole her outfit idea.

Beyonce was wearing a Derrick Rose jersey swimsuit, and Titi LoKei said she wore it first in her music video “Black Bottles.”

Even though Titi LoKei was wearing a Bulls outfit in her music video, it’s not the same as Beyonce. LoKei’s outfit is just a Bulls dress while Beyonce had a customized made Rose jersey into a swimsuit.

Titi LoKei responded to Beyonce’s outfit on Instagram:

We're going to give this round to Bey. 


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