Nigerian Artist Says Beyonce Stole Her Derrick Rose Outfit Idea


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Beyonce's being called out for stealing again and this time its an outfit.

After Nicki Minaj debuted her video for "Feelling Myself" which features Beyonce, a Nigerian music artist named Titi LoKei said  Bey stole her outfit idea.

Beyonce was wearing a Derrick Rose jersey swimsuit, and Titi LoKei said she wore it first in her music video “Black Bottles.”

Even though Titi LoKei was wearing a Bulls outfit in her music video, it’s not the same as Beyonce. LoKei’s outfit is just a Bulls dress while Beyonce had a customized made Rose jersey into a swimsuit.

Titi LoKei responded to Beyonce’s outfit on Instagram:

We're going to give this round to Bey. 


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