Pastor Claims Prayer Brought Her Back to Life After Dying Six Times

Dr. Gail Davis, the senior pastor of Kingdom Living Ministries in Cincinnati, OH, went to the hospital because she was not feeling well. She allegedly came close to dying six times and was resuscitated each time after those surrounding her prayed over her failing body.

Davis received an incubation tube, which hindered her from speaking. Davis claims that she was dead for a full six minutes when she went into cardiac arrest. Davis’ initial symptoms were caused by an infection of the stomach that developed after a previous surgery.

After being admitted to the hospital, Davis received a treatment that her body rejected. Doctors attempted to correct the procedure, but in the course of this action, Davis flatlined three times.

Veter Nichols, one of many who prayed over Davis, was present at the hospital and contacted Apostle David E. Taylor. Nichols says that she had previously been brought back to life through the prayers of Taylor. Nichols felt confident that the phone call to Taylor would result in raising her friend up from the dead.

Taylor’s website says that Jesus visited him in 2000 to tell him “he had been ordained to be a ‘Healing Shephard’ to America and to the World. As a prophet he has been given the ability by the Lord to be what the Bible terms to be a face to face prophet.”

As a Healing Shephard, Taylor travels across the nation praying over the sick and the dying. In this instance, he prayed for Davis and her condition over the phone. According to Taylor’s Facebook page, he “made a phone call to her hospital room and released the resurrection power of God upon her life!”

“As he stood in prayer and decreed the life of God over her, she was raised up, restored to life, and is now back serving the Lord in her church!” his Facebook stated.

In the phone prayer, Taylor rebuked death, saying, “God said you shall not die and you shall walk again.”

Davis had considered herself a daughter apostle of Taylor and had previously written to him from the hospital a letter that said, “Dad, don’t let me die.”

Davis was in the hospital for about 50 days. During her time there, the assistant pastor of her church passed away. She is currently recovered and serving at her church. She has traveled with Nichols and Taylor to share her testimony.


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