Pizza Delivery Man Stabbed, Still Delivers Pizza

A pizza delivery man in Louisville, Kentucky, completed a Sunday afternoon delivery after getting robbed, stabbed and carjacked.

Josh Lewis, 25, was making a delivery from Spinelli’s Pizzeria to the Norton Hospital emergency room at around 2:45 p.m., WLKY reports. When Lewis got out of his car with the pizzas, an unidentified person stabbed him in the back, jumped into his vehicle and drove away.

According to Willow Rouben, the regional manager of Spinelli's, Lewis made it into the emergency room, pizza in hand, before collapsing.

"I can't believe he just walked in there, said 'Hi, I'm from Spinelli's. I have a pizza delivery,' and then just collapsed. That's dedication," Rouben told The Courier-Journal.

Rouben said Lewis is “an amazing kid” and a great employee.

“He's just a sweetheart. He's a sweet kid and we're just so sad that this happened to him," Rouben told WLKY.

Lewis suffered a collapsed lung but was in stable condition Monday. He is expected to recover.


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