President Of NAACP Spokane Chapter Pretended To Be African American For Years

Michael Jackson once sang, it don't matter if you're black or white, but apparently there are limits. Earlier today news broke that the President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP is not African-American, as she has been trying to disguise herself as for years.

According to reports, the parents of Rachel Dolezal spoke out in the media, revealing that their daughter is actually caucasian, who is also a chairwoman of the city’s police oversight.

During her charade, she claimed that her adopted black brother, (seen above) was her son.

She also reportedly has been teaching Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, and received her master’s degree from Howard University.

The Spokesman-Review reports:

    Dolezal misrepresented herself on her application for the city commission, writing that her ethnicity included white, black, and American Indian. Officials told the Spokesman-Review they were investigating if she violated any city policies.

In an interview with Eastern Washington University’s Easterner, Rachel lied  about her life before coming an activist. Many of those facts were untrue, her parents told the Coeur d’Alene Press.

Dolezal again spoke about the abuse she had endured as a child to the Easterner. She said she was born in a tepee, and the family hunted with bows and arrows. She also described living in South Africa. As a young woman, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent chemotherapy, she said. But she kept her long, blonde dredlocks and still sometimes wore them after recovery, the Easterner reported.

Despite ALL those lies, she couldn’t even answer a reporter when asked if she was African-American.

There are bigger problems in the world than this.  A shame that she lied, but can you really be mad at a civil rights activist?



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