President Obama Says His Best Week Was "Marrying Michelle"

President Obama is a smooth operator.  When asked about whether the week same-sex marriage was legalized was the best week ever the president had a clever response that we're sure landing him points at home.

The President spoke at a news conference at the White House today, to say that while same-sex marriage was a great week for the US, his “best week” was “marrying Michelle”.

“In terms of my best week, now my best week, I will tell you, was marrying Michelle. That was a really good week. Malia and Sasha being born, excellent weeks,” Obama told reporters at a White House news conference.

He was asked: “Some people are calling your best week ever last week. You had two Supreme Court decisions supportive of the Affordable Care Act and of gay rights. You also delivered a speech down in — in Charleston that was pretty warmly received.”

“I’ve had some good weeks in my life, I will tell you. I’m blessed to have had those. I think last week was gratifying because, number one, we were able to get a package of trade legislation that I believe will serve the American people, American workers and American businesses well, going into the future,” Obama said.


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