R&B Singer Kelly Price Says 24-Hour CVS Wouldn't Fill Her Prescription 'Because of The Area'

Kelly Price wants answers from a local CVS after they refused her service.  The singer is accusing the drugstore chain of refusing to fill prescriptions in what’s considered to be ‘bad’ neighborhoods.

Early Tuesday morning, around 1 am, the Grammy nominated R&B singer stopped by a 24 hour CVS Pharmacy in Carson, California for painkillers in advance of dental surgery she was having.  She was told by the pharmacist on duty that they didn’t fill certain prescriptions after midnight because of the area where the store was located.

Price was offended because she believes such a refusal wouldn’t have happened in a neighborhood with a higher socio-economic status and a different demographic makeup.

“I was offended for anybody who lives in a neighborhood that may not be considered the upper echelon – where expensive homes are. Or where six- and seven-figure earners live,” Price told CBS-LA.

After arguing for half an hour, a store manager finally approved the purchase.  CVS has since apologized to Price.

In a statement, the company suggested that the pharmacist at the Carson location was out of line.  The statement reads in part, “It is not the store’s or the company’s policy to decline to fill certain prescriptions after midnight.”

Here, Price recounts the ordeal and why she reacted the way she did.




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