Reporter Robbed At Gun Point During Live Broadcast

While waiting to go live SABC's contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was a victim of mugging outside the hospital in full view of SABC cameras. He was reporting on Zambian President Edgar Lungu arrival to Milpark hospital.

During the video, you can see journalist Vuyo Mkovo standing in front of the camera while being accosted by two men.

Mkovo moves out of the camera shot and the two men appear to chase after him. Then, you can hear Mkovo say, “We’re being mugged.”

“I was literally seconds before going on air for the seven o’clock bulletin,” Mr Mkovo told SABC News during an interview about the mugging.

“At first I was confused because the light was on me” Mkovo explained, adding, “then here comes this person looking for a phone…because I had my phone in my hand because I’d just spoken to the executive producer….”

The journalist said his initial reaction was, “Hey, what’s your problem?”

“When I wasn’t giving him the phone, he calls the other one who has a gun,” Mkovo said of the assailants, who can be seen scrambling around the confused anchor.

According to Mkovo, it was a member of his crew who told him to just give the robbers his phone. They took the anchor’s phone as well as another person’s.

The news crew didn’t immediately leave the scene because they didn’t want to leave the expensive equipment, but they did call the police.

“All in a day’s work,” Mr Mkovo said when describing the scary incident.



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