Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel by Blasting New Song in His Bedroom at 1 a.m.

Just one hour into April Fools Day, Rihanna played the ultimate prank on jokester Jimmy Kimmel.

With the help of his wife Molly, the singer snuck into his Los Angeles home at 1 a.m., tip-toed her way up to his bedroom … and starting blasting her new single, “B**ch Better Have My  Money.”

As the sleepy host started to wake up, Rihanna threw money and confetti on him while singing at the top of her lungs and shining flashlights on his face. At the 1:35 mark in the video above, she even decks him with a pillow.

“What is happening?” he asks, still wearing his mouthguard. “What the f**k is going on?”

“I want my money, Jimmy,” Rihanna tells him as she walks out of the room.

“I will admit,” he told her afterwards, “that’s not usually how you come to me in my dreams.”


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