School Nurse Threatenes To Knock Out 11 Year Old Black Student

Jason Ezzard is an 11-year-old student at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Clayton County, Georgia, who suddenly finds himself at the center of a controversy over the suspension of a school nurse who went absolutely berserk at him in the school’s cafeteria last October.

The youngster’s mom saw a surveillance video of the incident recently and went public with her complaints that nurse Beverly Barnes should have been hit with a suspension harsher than the two days off she received.

“My heart, I swear, was going 100 miles per hour, and I had to remind myself to breathe,” said Tormeka Ezzard, Jason’s mother, after watching the security camera video. “She’s abused my child physically, mentally, and verbally, and no one will help me.”

Mundy’s Muddle School officials refused to make the video public, saying that it would violate the school’s privacy policies to do so.

But the written accounts of other kids who watched the school nurse flip out support what Ezzard says she saw in the video. Namely, Barnes screaming at the child, even threatening the 11-year-old, “I’m going to f*** you up!”

Barnes even resorted to hollering a racial epithet at Jason during her tirade, which stopped only when another teacher got between the nurse and the young student. She also told Jason, “I’m going to knock your lights out,” according to written accounts by other students in the cafeteria that day.

“Degrading. Very degrading,” said Jason’s mom. “‘I’m going to f*** you up’ — you’re talking to an 11-year-old. ‘I’m going to your knock lights out.’ You’re talking to an 11-year-old!”

So, what did young Jason do to provoke this outburst by Beverly Barnes? What was the egregious behavior that led to the threats, racial slurs and profanities?

According to witnesses, Jason and another boy were playing catch with a bag of chips.

Jason’s mom now wants to know why Barnes was let off with barely a slap on the wrist for her abusive behavior.

“If it would’ve been the other way around, Jason would have been locked up, on the spot,” Tormeka Ezzard said. “I would have been going to pick my child up at the Clayton County Juvenile Detention Center. What makes her any different from Jason?”

According to local TV news station WXIA 11 Alive, the school’s principal explained that Barnes got off easy because she had a clean disciplinary record up to that point.

On the other hand, the abuse she allegedly leveled at Jason Ezzard was probably not as bad as some other instances of teacher and staff member abuse of young schoolkids. Last year, the Inquisitr reported on the case of Ohio kindergarten teacher Barb Williams who was caught on video slamming a 6-year-old against a wall when she saw him coming out of a bathroom to which he was supposedly not assigned, telling the boy, “I’m sick of you,” and “I will rip you apart!”



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