Teen Claims Cops Knocked Her Teeth Out and Broke Her Bones for Holding Up Traffic

A St. Louis teen claims police knocked her teeth out for holding up traffic in an Kenisha Grayintersection.

Kenisha Gray, 19, has broken bones and missing teeth after being shocked with a Taser and beaten by police.

Gray was having a conversation with another person and holding up traffic in an intersection. Once she saw St. Louis police officers approaching her, she ran away.

According to The Free Thought Project, police eventually caught up with the teen and handcuffed her, but she slipped out of the handcuffs. Police claim that they had no choice but to use force to control Gray.

Gray’s injuries seem more severe than what would’ve been required to subdue a 19 year old woman whose only offense was holding up traffic. Police claim the injuries to Gray’s mouth were from a forward fall she sustained after being shocked with the Taser, but Gray’s mother, Valerie Williams, disagrees.

“That’s a lie,” the mother said. “I don’t see how she could hit face first, and she got all of this messed up on her face. I don’t understand, if she hit face first, she wouldn’t have had all this on her face. I can’t believe this.”

Williams says the seriousness of her daughter’s injuries do not match the police version of events.

“She’s got some teeth missing out of her mouth, her face is swollen up,” said Williams, according to local affiliate KMOV.

Williams says her daughter was injured at the intersection when officers beat her daughter and dragged her face along the pavement to the car. That’s how she suffered the severe injuries to her face, Williams claims.

Gray is also facing multiple surgeries to repair the damage done by police.

The St. Louis Police Department has not commented on the incident.

The teen is currently unable to speak due to the severity of her injuries.


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