Two Teachers Arrested After Fighting Over A Man In Front Of Students

A love letter on Facebook sparked an on-campus, profanity-laced fight between two teachers at Rex Hill Middle School in Rex, Georgia. The altercation allegedly got so out of hand, an officer ended up arresting both instructors.

The police report tells the tale of a love triangle that erupted into fighting and cursing in front of students.

Parents of the students were in disbelief during school hours.

“That’s outrageous. That’s outrageous,” said parent Robert Fisher.

Parents and students were even more stunned after learning that police arrested two teachers after both got into a heated fight in front of students.

“I mean, what example are you showing the kids? Because when the kids get into a fight, you’re ready to expel them,” said parent Felicia Lyons.

According to the police report, Shaka Cobb, 32, said she and a man who teaches at the school are expecting a child together. Cobb stated that she discovered a love letter from Ebony Smith, 25, on her baby’s father’s Facebook account over the weekend.

Cobb angrily responded back on Facebook, according to police, and when the two returned to school on Monday, a fight broke out on the eighth-grade hall.

There was cursing, punches were thrown and threats to put the love letter on a blackboard for all to see, according to the police report.

Children witnessed it all.

“Love triangles happen everywhere. But it shouldn’t happen at school. Not in front of the kids,” said Fisher.

The officer stated he felt compelled to arrest the teachers because the altercation happened in front of the students.

Some parents said there’s only one punishment for the teachers. “They should be terminated to be honest with you. Kids get kicked out so they should be terminated,” said Lyons.

The school district placed both teachers on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.

Both teachers face disorderly conduct charges and Smith faces simple battery as witnesses described her as the aggressor.


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