Vehicle Crashes Into Pathmark Store, Injuring 5 People

At least five people have been injured after a car crashed into a supermarket in Queens Tuesday evening.

It happened just before 6:30 p.m. at a Pathmark supermarket on Farrington Street in Whitestone.

The supermarket is in a strip mall.

When it was over, the only sound was the gushing of water from shattered pipes.

"We didn't know what hit us," said Alberta Graziosa, a resident.

After the giant Mercedes SUV burrowed itself so deep into the Pathmark supermarket, you could barely see it from the parking lot.

"I see a lady full throttle going straight at the supermarket," said Darica Doward, an eyewitness.

It's where the big Benz almost plowed into Doward.

"And then once I jumped out the way, I'm like I know she's not going to go through that building," Doward said.

"It was like 50 mph it like flew through the store," said Fernando Herrera, an eyewitness.

"And I don't understand how she picked up that amount of speed in a parking lot with cars all over, how?" Graziosa said. "It sounded nothing like a car. Nothing. It sounded like a bomb that was emanating."

Five people, employees and customers, found themselves right in the car's path as it careened through the store. One of them, a security guard, was face down in a rising flood.

"The guy was absolutely wrecked and it looked like he was about to drown," Herrera said.

"He was covered with white stuff and blood, I guess from whatever fell from the ceiling," Graziosa said.

Police quickly removed the SUV and the Buildings Department condemned the store.

Tuesday night, sources tell Eyewitness News the 72-year-old woman most likely made a near fatal mistake, mistaking the gas pedal for the brakes at the height of the shopping rush.

"It definitely could have been a disaster without a doubt. One patient is too many, but definitely could have been worse," said Juan Maldonado, OEM.

At least one of the injured is in serious condition. The others are listed as stable with non-life threatening injuries.

Three people were taken to Booth Memorial Hospital, while two others were taken to Elmhurst Hospital.



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