Waiter in California Refused To Serve Four Latina Women Until They Showed "Proof Of Residency"

A group of four Latina women were out to dinner on March 11 when a waiter at Saint Marc, a restaurant in Huntington Beach, refused to serve them until they showed ID to prove they were U.S. citizens.

“My sister and my friend were seated first and the waiter asked them for their ‘proof of residency’ when they ordered a drink,” Diana Carrillo wrote on Facebook a few hours after the incident occurred. “My friend in disbelief repeated what he said and his response was ‘yeah, I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you.'” Carrillo claims the waiter then did the same when she and another friend sat down at the table. Despite being confused and somewhat taken aback by the request, they obliged.

According to The Washington Post, after fully realizing what had just happened, the women went to speak to a manager to tell him about the waiter’s behavior. They were offered a table in another section, but they instead chose to leave. The manager gave them his business card before they left, however, and after Carrillo shared her story on Facebook, the restaurant got back in touch with her to try to smooth things over.

They offered her a free VIP meal and pledged to donate 10 percent of their profits for the weekend to the charity of her choice. Castillo turned down the meal, but did tell Saint Marc to donate the money to Orange County Immigrant Youth United. Restaurant management also confirmed to The Post that the waiter had been fired.

“I don’t know if he had an agenda or not,” said senior director of operations Kent Bearden. “My concern is he violated a company policy. We’re very specific about how we treat out guests. That individual did not treat a table of guests to the expectations that we set forth in that company policy, and that caused him to be terminated.”

Carrillo told The Post that she couldn’t help but wonder if Trump being president had anything to do with the incident. Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has railed against undocumented immigrants, vowing to build a wall along the southern border of the United States. Why someone’s citizenship would matter to a waiter is anyone’s guess.

You don’t have to be a legal resident of a country to eat in its restaurants. Vacations would be extremely difficult if that were the case.


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