Watch: Judge Rips Into Mother For Allowing Daughter To Be Abused and Killed

A mother and her live-in boyfriend will stand trial for the beating death of a 3-year-old Detroit girl.

Jasmine Gordon and Clifford Thomas are facing murder charges.

The medical examiner says little Jamilia Smith had more than 50 injuries all over her body.

Gordon's attorney insists the little girl was sick and died from a medical condition.

Judge Shannon Holmes painted a picture in court Wednesday of the nightmare Jamilia was living in, saying both defendants are good "actors" for pretending they didn't know the child was being abused.

"The medical examiner went on to testify that any parent or guardian - and I am going to add a side bar "in their right mind" - would have known that this child was sick and needed medical attention," Holmes says.

Judge Holmes says watching the police interview footage with the defendants was more like watching a cable TV show.

Both defendants are being held without bond. They will be arraigned on murder charges in third circuit court next week.


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