Weave Loan Store Opens In Detroit

Yes you read that correctly.  You can now get weave on credit.  A weave can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. And unless you’ve got a hefty, regular, disposable income, you are going to eventually start feeling the strain on your budget and look for ways to support your habit.

Is it any surprise that a group of creative entrepreneurs found a way to help you out?

And they have made getting this loan very appealing. It’s as easy as getting a car loan. In the video (scroll down) they say, “Good credit…Great.” ” No credit…That’s OK.” Bad credit…No problem.”

The Weave Loan Store, located at 21621 West 8 Mile in Detroit, has a website that shows their approval process. Like we said, its easy. All you need is a valid ID, a recent check stub and the initial down payment.

Check ou tthe video ad below.


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