White Feminists Skip Missing Black and Latina Girls Town Hall Meeting In DC


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Over the past week missing black and brown girls have finally been getting the attention they deserve in the DC metropolitian area and across the country.  D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser announced Friday that the city will dedicate more resources to city children who go missing. The mayor’s statement comes in the wake of a public outcry about the number of children, particularly teenage girls, who go missing in the District. It also follows a call by members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday asking the FBI to assist D.C. police in their investigation of missing children.

On Thursday morning a Town Hall meeting was held to address the community and twitter noticed something was missing. White feminists.  Back in January they poured onto the national mall to take on reproductive rights and equal pay, but failed to show up for black and brown girls being kidnapped.  Twitter also noticed.



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