Why Aren't the Duggars Being Investigated By Child Protective Services?

I'm asking for a friend.  No seriously, a friend and I were having this discussion the other day and we couldn't figure out why child protective services hasn't snatched all the little Duggars and put them in custody.  Not because its 20 of them and counting but because the parents Jim Bob and Michelle allowed their son Josh to continue to live at home with his sisters whom he molested and then proceeded to cover the entire incident up.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past week, Josh Duggar, one of the children featured on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, admitted to sexually molesting five girls as a teenager, after a police report about the incident surfaced.  Four of the young women were his sisters.

The Duggar's didn’t alert the authorities to Josh’s crimes for months (the initial report was giving to an officer who was later arrested for possesion of child pornography), instead sending him to a “counseling program” that turned out to be a family friend’s home remodeling business. The family has been criticized for attempting to cover up the charges.

A 2006 police report, which was obtained by In Touch before its destruction, indicates that family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar knew as early as 2002 that Josh Duggar -- who was 14 at the time -- was accused of sexually abusing an underage girl.

Police did not find out about the allegations until 2006, when they were tipped off to a letter discussing the incidents, the AP reports. A family friend had lent another person a book, and the letter was stuck inside.

A blogger by the name of Alice asked these same questions before the show began airing back in 2008 on a Gawker post.

Eight years ago, Alice gave a thorough and detailed account of events that are nearly identical to those outlined in the police report that became public this week:

"In January, the whole family went to Chicago and taped Oprah Winfrey show... As you may have noticed, that show never aired and it never will," Alice posted before delivering the bombshell that The Oprah Winfrey Show staffers had been told that Josh had molested five minor girls. Alice then wrote, "Yes, this is the truth ... They have been investigated to some length..."

On the subject of Josh's parents Jim Bob, 49 and Michelle, 48, Alice wrote "They have lied and lied about their son to protect him... In my eyes he is a CHILD MOLESTOR. HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOME."

Alice went on to write, "If you don’t believe me, contact the Arkansas State Police Child Protection Agency in Bentonville, Ar. and the Washington County Child Protection Agency in Fayetteville. It will be worth the time and effort to read all about it... People, trust me or not. I know this for a fact. God's honest truth that the molestation happened. I could go into detail, but I won't. Of course, you can find nothing about the charges. The Duggar’s want to keep this hid. Wouldn’t you? They wouldn’t have the things that they do if it had gotten out earlier....

She continued, "They call their son “Precious Josh” and in their eyes he can do nothing wrong."

Alice's story has now been corroborated by the police report that In Touch unearthed last week.  The police report was recently expunged.

In addition to the cover up, the Duggar's home schooling practices which some have described as cult-like shames sexual abuse victims.  The Duggar family’s involvement in Bill Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute (ATI) homeschool program adds complexities to this story which are unknown to the average person. The following is a chart from the ATI which explains how to counsel sexual abuse:

In a statement Thursday, Josh, 27, claimed he'd "acted inexcusably" during the incidents when he was a teen. Duggar has also resigned from his position at the right-wing Family Research Council where it was his job to argue that LGBT people are harmful to children. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Josh's wife Anna also released statements in which they reaffirmed their support for Josh.

The rest of the Duggar family, including the sisters he allegedly abused, have remained silent on the matter.

So again we ask where is CPS?  Much of the media attention has focused on poor child molesting Josh, without so much as a second thought to sisters who were forced to continue to live with someone that molested them. 


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