Woman Allegedly Beats Friend To Death With A Crock Pot After Heated Political Debate

Via: Detroit News

As we all know, political debates can easily turn heated.

For 50-year-old Tewana Sullivan, a political debate ended a friendship and the life of 66-year-old Cheryl Livy. Now Tewana will stand trial for Cheryl’s murder.

According to court documents, Tewana beat her friend with a crock pot after a heated discussion about politics.

The assault reportedly happened on October 22, 2014, at the McNamara Towers senior housing development in Detroit.

According to defense attorney John McWilliams, the women got into an argument about politics when Tewana attacked Cheryl with the kitchen appliance, causing blunt force injuries to the victim’s head, face and mid-back. She then finished the victim off by strangling her with a cord.

Cheryl, who had defensive injuries to the back of her hands indicating that she tried to protect herself, was found “barely breathing with the cord of the ‘busted’ slow cooker around her neck.”

When officers arrived at Cheryl’s apartment, the walls and floors were covered with blood.

Law enforcement also found Tewana inside, covered with blood, and appearing “disoriented and under the influence.”

Cheryl died at Botsford Hospital two days after the attack.

Tewana was arrested and initially charged with assault with intent to murder; however, after Cheryl passed away, those charges were upgraded to first-degree murder.

During her preliminary hearing, Tewana cried and apologized for her actions.

She is currently being held at the Wayne County Jail as she awaits her arraignment on February 12.


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